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The Meat Industry Company
SILARES Renata Jabłońska

Łochów 28, 97-226 Żelechlinek
tel: +48 44 712 27 01

About Our Company

Department of Meat "SILARES in Łochów was founded by Sylvester Jabloński in September 1999. mieso

In the early years of its activity our company dealt with minced pork meat, beef and poultry, intended for the domestic market. As the new business and needs developed, in 2004 an expansion of the plant took place and adapted to the conditions existing in the EU countries and expanded production with new products, including MDOM. The plant was classified to a group of establishments with permission to trade with EU countries and third world countries.

Following the market trends, in 2013 we started the production of pet food. Our products are dedicated to both young and adult dogs and cats.

The overriding objective of our plants activities is to take care of all needs of our clients. To meet the growing demands of clients we developed and implemented systems: HACCP, GMP and GHP to ensure the safety and quality of products manufactured by the company"SILARES.